Today is market day!

You will find several cosmopolitan or traditional markets around Nantes. Exotic market in the district of Bouffay with scents of Antilles, flower market that brightens the Place du Commerce, flea market at the Place Viarme, fruit and vegetable markets, present in every municipality of the agglomeration, and Talensac, the most impressive shopping rendezvous.


EVERY DAY or so…

FLOWER MARKET: Place du Commerce in Nantes from 8h to 21h

♥ TALENSAC MARKET: The oldest market in Nantes; every day from 7h to 14h and Thursday evening from 16h to 20h (closed on Mondays)


AMERICAN MARKET: near the Sainte-Thérèse church, it brings together small producers and early growers

JEAN MACE MARKET: Boulevard de la Liberté; thirteen regular traders offer meat, fish, vegetables and many other fresh products.

BOURGEONNIERE MARKET: from 16h to 20h, Avenue d’Assise, Nantes-Nord district. A large place is put forwmard for local producers of the organic sector.

EMILE MASSON MARKET: Second Nantes night market on Tuesday and last one created in the city. from 16h to 20h in Emile-Masson street, near the Cité des Congrès and the Lieu Unique.

♥ BOOK MARKET: A market exclusively devoted to the sale of used books is held every Tuesday afternoon, square Villebois-Mareuil on the Place de la Bourse.


CHATELETS MARKET: Place Esnoult des Châtelets. Early fruit and vegetables, cheese, fish, roast chicken… in all, more than twenty traders offer fresh produce on this outdoor market.

TOUTES AIDES MARKET: Seventeen traders, fifteen of whom are regular, meet at this open-air market at the place Victor Basch.

BIOLOGICAL MARKET: In the heart of the city, near the Place du Commerce, this outdoor market offers every Wednesday morning 100% organic products.


MALAKOFF MARKET: Square Rosa Parks every Thursday morning. Thirty merchants offer various products: vegetables, fruits, meat, fast food …

ZOLA MARKET: Near the old cinema Concorde, this open-air market is set up every Thursday morning in the parking lot of Place Emile Zola.


MARKET OF THE MARRIERE: rue de la Marrière. In the car park, in the open air, thirty traders including twenty-two regular, offer many fresh products including early fruit and vegetables, meat and pastries.


DERVALLIERES MARKET: in the commercial area of ​​Les Dervallières, this open-air market allows residents to stock up on fresh produce, but also to discover textiles and bazaar items of all kinds offered by traders.

♥ THE LITTLE HOLLAND MARKET: one of the largest markets in Nantes, located on the island of Gloriette, on the parking lot of the Little Holland, between the Leo Lagrange swimming pool and the Nantes mediatheque, close to the Place du Commerce.

MARKET OF SAINT JOSEPH DE PORTERIE: On the lower part of the Place des Tonneliers. A dozen traders have their stalls in the open air, for you to enjoy early vegetables, cold meats and other fresh products.


DOULON MARKET: This outdoor market has its stalls on the Place du Vieux Doulon. Thirty merchants are at your service to offer you vegetables, meat, fish, cheese…



REZÉ: Square Pays-de-Retz from 8h30 to 12h45.

SAINT HERBLAIN: Square Denis-Forestier from 8h to 13h

SAINT SÉBASTIEN SUR LOIRE: Allée de la Gare d’Anjou from 7h30 to 13h


SAINT HERBLAIN: Rue de la Branchoire from 8h to 13h

BASS GOULAINE: under the covered hall of Grignon from 8h30 to 13h

THOUARE SUR LOIRE: Square Anciens Combattants, rue de Mauves from 7h30 to 13h30


REZÉ: Parking of the sociocultural center Ragon, rue du Vivier from 16h to 19h30.

CARQUEFOU: Square Mellay, behind the church.

COUËRON: Square Charles-de-Gaulle from 8h30 to 12h30

VERTOU at the Cale Beautour (rue de la Cale) from 8h to 13h.

BOUAYE: Market Square from 8:30 to 12:30

BOUGUENAIS: Chapel Square from 8h to 13h

LES SORINIERES: Church Square from 8h to 13h30


REZÉ: Square 8 Mai from 8h to 12h45.

SAINT HERBLAIN: Square Denis-Forestier from 8h to 13h

SAINT HERBLAIN: Abbé-Chérel Square from 8h to 13h

SAINT SÉBASTIEN SUR LOIRE: Places of liberty from 7h30 to 13h

BOUGUENAIS: Church Square from 8h to 13h and Square de la grande ouche from 16h30 to 20h

CHAPEL ON ERDRE: Church Square from 8h to 13h

ORVAULT: Petit Chantilly from 16h to 19h30


REZÉ TRENTEMOULT: Parking relay of the Port, rue du Général-Leclerc from 8h30 to 13h

SAINTE LUCE SUR LOIRE: Square General de Gaulle, from 7h30 to 13h

COUËRON: Place des Cités from 8h30 to 12h30

VERTOU: (rue du Poitou) in Vertou-Center from 8h to 13h

LE PELLERIN: Street Dr Gilbert Sourdille (halls) from 8h to 13h

ORVAULT: Gagné farm from 8h30 to 13h


VERTOU: Market (rue du Poitou) in Vertou-Center from 8h to 13h

BOUAYE: Square Bois Jacques from 8h30 to 12h30

INDRE: Square Jean Bordais from 8h to 14h

SAUTRON: Halle de la Linière from 6h30 to 13h30